Tulsa police release footage from fatal shooting of Joshua Barre

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Police videos
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Body camera footage from the seconds after an officer shot dead a mentally disturbed man carrying two knives in Oklahoma has been released by police. Video from Tulsa officer Donnie Johnson's bodycam shows 29-year-old Joshua Barre lying on the floor of a convenience store he had just entered last Friday. Police said the cop's camera did not capture the moment of the shooting because it was turned off. Additional footage was released on Thursday from two of the cars called to convenience store, and they showed the 29-year-old was barefoot, shirtless, and carrying two butchers knives as he entered the store. Barre had walked away from two officers from the mental health unit who had gone to pick him up for an evaluation before he made his way to the convenience store. He covered about a mile before being shot, police said. The exact moment the 29-year-old was killed was captured on surveillance footage released last week. As the 29-year-old opened the door and walked into the Super Store, he was shot and fell limp to the floor immediately. Two deputies also shot Barre, in addition to Officer Johnson. The deputies are both white, and Johnson is black. It is unclear how many times the 29-year-old was hit. Within minutes of the shooting, dozens of residents gathered outside the convenience store. Many can be heard in the videos released on Thursday shouting about the shooting, with one man yelling: 'you did not have to shoot him'. The crowd eventually swelled to about 300 people, police have said. After a tense period in which at least two dozen deputies and officers wearing riot gear stood in a line in the store parking lot, the group began to leave. It was revealed last week deputies had gone to Barre's home several times since a civil mental health pickup order was issued May 31. In the wake of the shooting, some residents questioned why officers didn't use less lethal means to restrain Barre, given his fragile mental state. Police said last week an officer tried to shot Barre with a taser, but it did not stop him. The shooting came about three weeks after jurors acquitted a white Tulsa police officer of manslaughter in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man last year. The verdict in favor of Betty Jo Shelby, who was allowed to return to the force, sparked peaceful protests and calls from community leaders and family members of Crutcher to demand more accountability from the police.

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