After numerous MUSLIM terrorist knife attacks in the UK, London's Muslim Mayor blames YouTube

Posted by moku 11 months ago in War
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It was early June when terrorists in a rental van with 12-inch ceramic knives strapped to their wrists ran down pedestrians on London Bridge, ditched the vehicle, and then began stabbing patrons at the Borough Market. That attack made headlines around the world, but it certainly wasn’t the only stabbing attack in London this year, and Mayor Sadiq Khan this week called for Google and YouTube to crack down on videos that encourage gang violence and knife crime. -- Ummm. It's not the videos. Mayor of London: “I’m deeply concerned about the rise in knife crime. Internet giants must toughen guidelines & remove violent videos.” -- So your response to an epidemic of young men stabbing other young men to death is to police the internet? You are part of the problem.

Yeah, that'll do it. It's always a youtube video with these guys. Speaking of YouTube, the mayor appeared in a YouTube video to call for YouTube to remove videos that glorify gang violence and knife crime. Poor London. This guy is such a twit. Yes, YouTube can definitely solve the problem of knife crime in London. FFS. Internet companies don't stab people. People stab people. Better and more policing would possibly be an effective deterrent? Stop and search? Oh no that's racist. Nothing to do with the Mayor reducing stop and search by Police? Alternatively London could elect somebody, say a mayor or something like that, and make them responsible for policing. Focus on the people who plunge knives into other people's flesh & hack off limbs with machetes, Yahoo & Google don't do that. #PartandParcel

I have yet to see a keyboard jump up from a desk & start stabbing people with itself. What an idiot. Internet is not the problem. Which video committed the knife crime? I want names darn it….if violent videos are committing crimes, arrest them all! If Mayor Of Londonistan really believes knife crime is cos of YouTube, & not gangs, or imported culture/religion, then he'll never solve it. Knife crimes, acid attacks and overall security. we are living in London or third world country? I'm deeply concerned that London has turned into a 3rd world toilet since you took over and all you do is blame "internet giants". RESIGN. Censorship is the worst idea you could possibly offer. Just ban the internet and anything sharp. Nothing bad will ever happen again. How about remove violent knife wielding criminals? Just a thought….

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