Heart-stopping moment lumberjack is smashed on head by a tree

Posted by The King Slayer 1 year ago in Accidents
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This is the dramatic moment a lumberjack is smashed on the head by a tree which he cut the wrong way. Video filmed in Hamilton, Canada shows the lumberjack balanced on a ladder half way up a tree as he cuts it with a chainsaw. The man appears to be without a safety harness or any accomplices to pull the 100ft tree away from him as it falls. A man filming from afar can be heard saying 'this kid's gonna get hurt' as he watches in disbelief. The lumberjack then cuts through the tree and it tumbles to the ground. One of the branches smashes him on the head, causing him to lose his balance and fall off the ladder. Luckily the lumberjack is able to grab on to the tree trunk to stop himself plummeting to the ground. The filmer said: 'Paramedics were called after a massive 100 foot tree fell on this smart guy's head. 'These supposed tree removal guys had no idea how to properly cut down a tree and almost got killed doing it.'

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