Animal Lover Hugs Dead Fox After 'Too Many Jagerbombs'

Posted by The King Slayer 1 year ago in Drunk/High
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WARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT. Molly Britton, 20 carried the dead animal home but mum refused to let her bring it into the house

A bizarre video shows a drunk and tearful animal lover cradling a dead fox she found on the road after a night out.

Molly Stanford Britton admits she'd had “a few too many Jägerbombs” when she discovered the stricken creature near her home in Kent.

The 20-year-old scooped up the deceased mammal and carried it for 40 minutes to her home in Rochester where her mum refused to let her in with the body.

A tear-stained Molly is seen in the video hugging the fox, which has one eye open and its tongue poking out, and lamenting: "It literally doesn't deserve that."

Molly, a carer, has attracted more than a million views with the video, which was filmed by a friend called Leon.

The clip, captioned “How is this even normal human behaviour?”, opens with Leon saying: “Right, before you scream at me in the morning, I fully tried convincing you to put it down.”

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