Antifa Terrorists Attack People Memorializing Kate Steinle, Who Was Murdered by an ILLEGAL Immigrant and let off by California Leftists

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Portland-based right-wing group Patriot Prayer took to the streets of the Oregon city on Saturday to voice their dismay over the 'not guilty' verdict handed to an illegal alien who killed Kate Steinle in 2015.

The group were involved in violent clashes with apparent members of the Antifa, who turned up to counter the protest, leading to intervention from police officers in riot gear.

"So basically Antifa are across the street, they came over, a couple fights broke out, we haven't even started this rally yet. It's going to be a long day that's for sure," explained Patriot Prayer member Joey Gibson.

Steinle was fatally shot by Jose Ines Garcia Zarate in San Francisco.

Zarate was deported from the US five times prior to the incident and admits to firing the fatal shot, however, he was given 'not guilty' after it transpired the bullet had ricocheted off the ground before striking Steinle.

US President Donald Trump has referred to the incident in his campaign for tighter borders, most recently in Pensacola on Friday.

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