Democrat Controlled Seattle has Homeless People BRAGGING They Live in "Makeshift Mansions" after Court Rules his Truck is a "Home"

Posted by moku 2018 years ago in News
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Residents of the mega tent "mansion" homeless encampment near Seattle's famed Space Needle are bragging about the practicality of their new digs, taunting local politicians: "If you can live on the street and not pay rent, then why would you pay rent?"

The recently constructed camp is located on a small patch of grass on Third Avenue and Broad Street, about a half-block from the Space Needle and surrounded by multi-million dollar high-rise condos.

"It is a form of protest," Melissa Burns, one of the "mansion" dwellers, told Q13 News. "We're staking a claim. We're refusing to cower in our tents."

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