Shameless killer who stabbed young father to death with broken bottle posts videos bragging about his life behind bars

Posted by The King Slayer 10 months ago in WTF
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A thug jailed for killing a young dad with a broken bottle has boasted about his life behind bars.

In a series of shameless Instagram posts using an illegal phone, murderer Dashem Tesfamichael shows off his designer clothes, tattoos and bling jewellery in messages filled with gun emojis.

In one video the 33-year-old can be seen lying on bed topless and singing, before posing for a selfie with a cartoon sunglasses filter adding the caption "Elton John".

Captions include boasts about "chilling, listening to soul music with soul food" feeling "Sunday vibes" and wishing "my people" a Happy New Year after "starting early".

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