'Pint sized man', 23, trapped in the body of a toddler because of mystery condition which has baffled doctors

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in News
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A 23-year-old man has not grown since he was a baby - and medics are still baffled by the medical condition he suffers from.

Manpreet Singh has been branded the 'pint sized man' by his neighbours, as he has to be carried around like a toddler by his aunt.

It is not known why Manpreet, from Punjab in India, stopped growing before he could walk or talk.

He was a healthy baby when he was born in 1995, but is now completely dependent on his aunt, Lakhwinder Kaur, 42.

Doctors initially told his father Jagtar, 50, a small-time farmer, that he would start growing again.

But when that didn't happen, the doctors suggested that it could be a hormone disorder.

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