INVADERS From Honduras Way the Honduran Flag on US Soil, After Scaling the Mexican Border Wall in California

Posted by moku 9 months ago in News
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A live report from KUSI News in San Diego showed that a caravan of central Americans reached the U.S. border Sunday, scaling the current fencing as U.S. border patrol looked on.

The migrants climbed on top of the fence and sat on top. One waved a Honduran flag over American soil, celebrating the destination of their journey.

KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries claimed that migrants were taking an “aggressive stand” toward the U.S. border.

Over the past several weeks, the caravan traveled from Honduras, through Mexico, and to the U.S. border. Trump commented on the advancing group of migrants, asking Mexico to stop their progress.

The caravan pledged not to yield and continue to try to enter the United States.

Images of the caravan of thousands may prove to be an argument for President Trump’s desired border wall.

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