A Crackhead Hatches From His Egg

Posted by The King Slayer 6 months ago in WTF
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We have been dealing with these crackheads for over a year. They have completely destroyed these apartments. They were decent, small affordable 1 bedroom apartments. I used to rent one. But these scumbags set fire to them a few months ago. They have ripped out the copper. They are burglarizing nearby homes and businesses. I guess this guy got trapped inside when the construction guys had to come back and board it up for the hundredth time. So sick of these criminals.

And before anyone tells me to have compassion - I have been dealing with these assholes for years. They are thieves, not victims. Before you say that "they have an addiction" or whatever it is that might justify trying to find a place to crash - sleeping is one thing. If this guy was wrapped in a blanket outside, I wouldn't have bothered him. But addiction is no excuse for causing damage to someone else's property, tagging, arson and theft...

I have kicked these people out dozens of times. They are violent. They are liars and they are criminals. A lot of them shack up at the glendora apartments and come here to just mess the place up or hide their dope or stolen loot. I have watched them.

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