Russian Man Holds Shopkeeper at Knifepoint

Posted by moku 3 months ago in Rowdy Russia
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A resident of the Moscow region, convicted of theft and extortion, made a robbery attack on the shop - putting a knife to the seller's throat, he forced the manager to give him all the money from the safe and disappeared, the regional department of the Interior Ministry reported. The attacker hit the lens of the surveillance camera.

The events described occurred in the village of Polivanovo near Podolsk. The man meticulously chose the shampoo and called for help the employee of the supermarket, but after receiving the consultation, he put the knife to the woman’s throat and demanded to take him to the head’s office. The frightened manager gave the raider not only money from the safe, but all the cash from her bag and a mobile phone, just to free the hostage. The robber forced the women to lie on the floor, and he hastily left the store.

The suspect was detained due to recordings from surveillance cameras; he turned out to be a 44-year-old recidivist living in Domodedovo. During the search, a stolen smartphone was found in his apartment, but he managed to spend the money.

According to the article “Robbery”, a man faces up to 15 years in prison.

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