Passing motorist struck police cruiser in New Jersey

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A police officer escaped injury when a passing car hit his police cruiser as he was exiting his driver door.

Burlington Township police posted a video of the Sunday night incident on its Facebook page Tuesday.

Police Lt. James Sullivan said the officer was involved in a traffic stop on southbound Route 130 south of La Gorce Boulevard when a passing car in the first lane narrowly missed the police officer, striking the cruiser's driver door.

The video, captured on a body-worn camera, shows a vehicle whizzing by as the officer steps out of his car. The video does not show the impact, but the sound of the impact can be heard.

Sullivan said the cruiser was partially parked in the first lane due to a very narrow shoulder and that the door was severely damaged and "nearly ripped off its hinges."

"Thankfully, the officer acted quickly to get out of the way and was not injured, but he was a bit shook up," Sullivan explained, declining to identify the officer or the other driver.

However, he said the motorist stopped and remained on scene to assist with the investigation. The driver later received a traffic summons for violating the state Move Over Law.

That law requires motorists to slow down and/or move over into the adjacent or another traffic lane when approaching any emergency vehicle with flashing lights.

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