Bunch of guys think they just spotted UFOs.Have they really?

Posted by RagnarLothbrok 2019 years ago in Cool videos
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Two options could be training but also could be UFO balloons or small flashlights aerostatic of which are released at Christmas to the heavens, according to the customs of different unidentified flying objects (UFO) was spotted in southern England, according to several testimonies The observation was made in the area of Basingstoke in Hampshire and joins a series of similar events in recent times in The witnesses claimed they saw a "fleet" to Local 2240 on Saturday and added that the luminous objects changed their formation several times before never seen anything like it, was disconcerting," said David Osborne, 47, an amateur astronomer who managed to shoot the "There were around 12 orange and spherical shape and changed training for a half They were not quick enough for satellites and stood still, suspended, without the affect the wind, "he this are added the hundred UFO sightings in recent times between Wales and the Bristol Moreover, ten days earlier, British police officers who traveled by helicopter chased a unidentified flying object approached his The police began a pursuit.

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