Dude gets a McDonalds receipt tattooed on his arm and then a receipt for the tattoo on the other arm

Posted by RagnarLothbrok 5 years ago in Funny
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McDonald's tattoo guy gets SECOND receipt tattoo ! You have probably already seen some pics on social media of this guy who had the crazy idea to tattoo a McDonald's receipt on his right forearm. Indeed, this 18 year old boy tattooed, Stian Ytterdahl from Lørenskog in Norway went to Mac Donald's the march 24th 2014, and the next day he tattooed the receipt for his hamburgers. Of course, it is a weird and crazy idea, but the result is so cool, awesome and even disturbing at the same time. He has balls ! In fact, he was given the choice between getting a Barbie doll tattooed on his bottom or the receipt from the meal he ate in a McDonald's restaurant inked on his right forearm. Even if a lot of close-minded people may think it is stupid, I think this idea is pretty original. But he had another great and weird idea to tattoo on the left forearm... He gets tattooed another receipt, the receipt of the tattoo session for the Mc Donald's tattoo ! And the tattoo receipt printer was not configured properly. It incorrectly spelt 'Lillestrøm' as 'Lillestøm' on the original receipt and worryingly enough, no one picked up on it in time.

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