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    "Black Power!" Black Guy Films to White People Being Beat up during What Is Being Called Is Another Knockout Game Tragedy

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    World Star Hip Hop is a video sharing website that panders to black “thug culture.” There is a history of users posting videos of criminal assaults against white people by black perpetrators. Many media outlets use euphemisms for these assaults like “knock-out game” and “happy slapping.”

    Today a video was posted on World Star Hip Hop showing a black male assaulting two different white male victims at a gas station. Another black male and a black female are videotaping the assault and egging the perpetrator on. After the second victim is knocked down, the perp stomps on his head repeatedly. This prompts a gas station employee to yell at the perps to leave.

    Before leaving, the perps yell “black power” at their white victims.

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  • Liberal Feminist Group Once Again Uses Foul Mouth Children in Order to Promote Their Leftist Agenda 02:35

    Liberal Feminist Group Once Again Uses Foul Mouth Children in Order to Promote Their Leftist Agenda

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    You’ve got to hand it to feminists: Just when you think they can’t get any crazier, they go ahead and up the ante. If I’ve written some version of this line before—and I’m sure I have, because today’s feminists are truly the unwanted gift that keeps on giving—please forgive me. My brain tissue is a little scarred by what I’ve just seen.

    Perhaps, if you’re unlucky, you’ve witnessed it too: A new video from the group “FCKH8,” a really creative name that would make for a spectacular license plate. Okay, it would actually make a pretty moronic license plate, but I’m trying to say at least one charitable thing about this group of reality-challenged weirdos. FCKH8’s new “feminist advocacy” video, which has already gained hundreds of thousands of Facebook “likes,” features…well, I’ll let their poorly punctuated press release speak for itself:

    Facing a future where women are still paid 23% less than men for the same work, and where 1 in 5 women are raped or sexually assaulted in gender-based violence, little girls between 6 and 13 years-old dressed as pretty pink princesses drop F-bombs to draw attention to society’s continued sexism. Asking the question, ‘What’s more offensive? A little girl saying f*ck or the sexist way society treats girls and women’ these adorably articulate little ladies in sparkling tiaras turn the ‘princess in distress’ stereotype on its head and contrast the F-word with words and statistics society should find shocking such as ‘pay inequality’ and ‘rape.’

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  • Hundreds of Indians rampage through shopping mall and attack African migrants 00:50

    Hundreds of Indians rampage through shopping mall and attack African migrants

    Hundreds of Indian residents attacked migrants with sticks and metal chairs in 'revenge' for a teenager's overdose which they blamed on 'foreign' drug dealers. More than 300 Indian residents charged at the group of African students in a shopping mall rampage after attending a vigil for the teenager in Greater Noida, New Delhi, on Monday. Five men were arrested and four more are on the run after the 'racially motivated' incident, which left a dozen people wounded. Many Nigerians were targeted in the violence, which was apparently triggered by the release without charge of five Nigerian students detained over the teenager's death. Sickening footage shows a mob of Indian men attacking the migrants, before honing in on one man in particular. They bash chairs over his head and body, causing his body to buckle under the brute force. As the terrified migrant struggles back to his feet and tries to run away, he is trapped by another group of men who punch and kick him. 'Rumours were being spread that Africans are behind the youth's death and racist comments were made on social media. It looks racially motivated,' senior police officer Sujata Singh said. 'Five attackers have been arrested and four others are on the run,' she said. India's foreign ministry condemned the incident as 'deplorable' and said it had assured the Nigerian high commissioner (ambassador) that all steps were being taken to protect the country's nationals. 'The government is committed to ensuring safety and security of all foreigners in India. People from Africa, including students and youth, remain our valued partners,' said a ministry statement. Singh said around 500 people had assembled for a candle-lit vigil in Noida to demand justice for the teenager, and became violent after spotting a group of Nigerians. One television station showed an angry mob hitting a car with sticks, while another showed dozens of attackers hitting shoppers in a mall with metal chairs. Endurance Amalawa, one of the attacked students, said he was outside the mall with his brother when they saw an angry mob running towards them. 'We kept crying for help, but no one came, not even the security marshals. I was running but they followed me and attacked me,' he said on NDTV television. 'Some people were hitting us, pushing us out... they dragged my brother outside and start hitting him.' Africans living in India frequently face discrimination and even violence, and are often accused of involvement in the illegal drug trade. The issue was thrown into the spotlight after a Congolese national was stoned to death last year in a dispute over an auto-rickshaw. After that, African ambassadors in New Delhi threatened to advise students from their countries to avoid schools in the capital for their own safety. 'The locals look at us like cannibals,' said Presidoe Okujuna, spokesman for the Association of African Students in India, which is advising students to avoid classes for their own safety. 'People are scared. They don't want to come out. They want security for their lives.' The latest attack stemmed from the death of a local 16-year-old from an apparent drug overdose. Police detained five Nigerian students in connection with the case after a group of local people went to their home and accused them of murder. The students were later released after police failed to find any evidence against them.

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  • Boyfriend launches blows at man accused of groping girlfriend 00:09

    Boyfriend launches blows at man accused of groping girlfriend

    A pervert was caught pinching a woman's buttocks at a subway station in northeastern China. Video footage shows the moment the man was caught by the woman's boyfriend who then beat up the pervert on a station platform. Social media users commented on the boyfriend's heroic act praising him for his actions. The nine-second-long video captures the fight on a subway station platform in Shenyang City. According to Dragon Fruit Media Studio, the young man caught the pervert pinching his girlfriend's bottom at a subway station. The boyfriend became enraged at the man's actions. The man in the black 'BOY London' top is believed to be the woman's partner. He was seen swearing, punching and throwing punches at the other man. The man denied touching the woman however this did not stop the boyfriend from hitting the alleged pervert. The woman failed to pull her boyfriend away. It is unclear when the incident happened and if any lawful authorities were involved in investigating the incident. Web users shared their opinions on Weibo, a Chinese Twitter-like social media platform. One user '186scenery' said :'That's a nice punch!' Another user 'HeliusUtopia' said: 'That's how a northeastern boy should be! He should be "Boy Northeastern", not "Boy London"!'

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  • 44 Awesome Pics And Memes to Improve Your Mood 44 Images

    44 Awesome Pics And Memes to Improve Your Mood

    Funny, weird and WTF images that will make your day better.

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  • A Woman Carrying A Toddler In Her Hands Resists Arrest, Assaults A Police Officer 02:28

    A Woman Carrying A Toddler In Her Hands Resists Arrest, Assaults A Police Officer

    No further details about the incident are available at present.

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  • Bridesmaid left devastated after being sprayed with fire extinguisher in ill judged wedding prank 00:59

    Bridesmaid left devastated after being sprayed with fire extinguisher in ill judged wedding prank

    Bridesmaid left devastated after being sprayed with fire extinguisher in ill judged wedding prank. It is tradition in China for guests to play pranks on the wedding party - but this almost ruined the entire day. This is the shocking moment wedding pranksters got out of hand by spraying a bridesmaid with a fire extinguisher. The bizarre incident was caught on camera by an eyewitness with a smartphone at the wedding in the city of Zhaoqing in southern China’s Guangdong Province. It is a tradition in China for guests to play pranks on the wedding party but this one almost ruined the happy couple's big day. The groom had to intervene to stop the pranksters as one sprayed a fire extinguisher in the bridesmaid's face.

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  • Horse, Mule Take Free Rein on Highway In San Francisco 00:14

    Horse, Mule Take Free Rein on Highway In San Francisco

    That mustang in the rearview mirror turned out to be a real horse running on a Northern California highway — followed by a mule. Commuters east of San Francisco on Monday were stunned to see a horse and a mule running across Interstate 680.

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  • Maid Caught On Camera Appearing To Be Possessed By Evil Spirits 01:23

    Maid Caught On Camera Appearing To Be Possessed By Evil Spirits

    A man has claimed that his maid had become possessed by evil spirits after she started starring wide eyed and acting bizarrely around the house. But when homeowner Nurul Baker looked back at CCTV footage inside his family home he was shocked to see the woman creeping around in a white dress and walking in a zombie-like state. In the footage she can be seen with her long hair dangling around her face with her head bowed and and times she seems to point at non-existent things in the distance. The footage shot at Nurul’s apartment in Singapore went viral - with some viewers terrified and others believing the maid was faking so she could leave the job.

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  • Giant cobra leaps out of a hole in front of a brave builder in terrifying footage 01:09

    Giant cobra leaps out of a hole in front of a brave builder in terrifying footage

    A brave builder captures a deadly giant cobra that leaps from a hole in this terrifying video. In an attempt to flush out the snake, the man digs at an opening with a pickaxe on a building site in India. Suddenly, the huge cobra aggressively flies out of the hole and heads straight for the builder. But, instead of fleeing in fear, the man calmly picks the creature up by the tail. He then shows off his catch to the camera. The snake thrashes around in an attempt to get free but the clever builder seems a natural at handling reptiles. He uses his handkerchief to distract the irate cobra while moving it to safety.

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  • Staff 'forced to rip up own money money for poor performance' 00:27

    Staff 'forced to rip up own money money for poor performance'

    Having a bad boss can always be a tough experience so spare a thought for these employees in China. Five young employees in Jinan City were made to tear their own 100 yuan (£12) note into pieces by their employer after they failed to meet the target of handing out 100 flyers every day. The manager was fined 1000 yuan (£115) and received a verbal warning from local policemen. In the video posted on People's Daily Online on March 24, five young men can be seen standing in front of a shop and being told to 'tear the money now.' They each take out a 100 yuan (£12) note each and reluctantly tear it into pieces. The incident was reported to have taken place at a GOME electrical appliance shop that was being renovated on March 22. The shop manager surnamed Liu condemned five of her employees for failing to give out 100 leaflets a day and demanded that they rip up a banknote. The video was shared widely online and alerted the attention of Jinan policemen on social media. Liu explained to the police that it was to educate the employees not to waste any paper from the company's resources. She received a verbal warning and a 1000 yuan (£115) fine. In addition to that, Liu promised to pay the five employees 100 yuan each as compensation. Jinan police also gave warnings to the five employees as according to China's law on the administration of Renminbi that any intention to destroy renminbi notes shall be fined no more than 10,000 yuan (£1155). A reporter visited the shop and was told the store is scheduled to open in April with a target sales of 65,000,000 in four days. Twitter user 'organic tiger' said: 'this causes hate and bad motivation on working hard' 'Chandra' commented that it is 'ridiculous and it is a crime to destroy public property (currency notes).'

    7 hours
  • Toddler nearly 'choked to death' as babysitter force-feeds him 00:44

    Toddler nearly 'choked to death' as babysitter force-feeds him

    A Chinese couple have been horrified after discovering that their son was nearly chocked to death as their nanny force-fed him, according to Chinese media. The nanny was also caught on a monitor hitting and shaking the toddler, who is said to be just over one year old. When the parents confronted the nanny, she explained that she had been in a bad mood that day before fleeing the house with a packed bag. The toddler and his parents, Mr Zhang and Ms Chen, live in Fuzhou, in south-east China's Fujian Province, according to, an affiliation to People's Daily. Mr Zhang and Ms Chen hired the nanny, Ms Zhou from Jiangxi Province, through an agency about a month ago to look after their young son because they need to go on business trips regularly. The couple have had a monitor installed at their home to that they could check on their child and the nanny, who is in her 40s. Ms Chen said the monitor could send live footage to her and her husband's phones 24 hours a day. When Mr Zhang, the father, watched the footage on his phone at around 6pm on March 18, he was shocked to see that the nanny had been feeding rice paste to his child by force, according to the report. The couple were horrified that their son had nearly been choked to death. The video also shows when the child vomited on the table, the nanny, Ms Zhou, slapped him on the head. Ms Zhou also held the child on a horizontal position and pinched his nose to make sure that he would swallow his food. The child cried and struggled throughout the footage. When Mr Zhang and his wife saw the footage, they were in Quanzhou, a nearby city, on a business trip. The shocked couple returned to Fuzhou the next morning. They took their son to the hospital and reported the case to the police. The couple confronted Ms Zhou at their home and asked why she had abused their son, as told by Ms Chen to alocal TV reporter. The mother said Ms Zhou had initially denied the allegations, but when the couple showed her the video, she explained that she had been in a bad mood on that day. The nanny then fled the family with a packed bag after the conversation. Ms Chen said that she had previously told off Ms Zhou for taking her son to crowded places. She suspected that Ms Zhou had been unhappy about the comments and released her anger on her son. According to Shanghai Daily, the toddler was diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia as a result of the alleged abuse. The case is under police investigation.

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  • Shocking moment a driver is punched through his car window 00:56

    Shocking moment a driver is punched through his car window

    Police are hunting for a violent white van passenger filmed beating a driver around the head through his car window before fighting him in the road. Footage of the assault was filmed by another driver stuck behind the silver Vauxhall Astra and the Ford Transit in Swindon on Saturday. The violence was sparked when the lone motorist was almost involved in a collision with the white van at a set of traffic lights. The raging passenger is shown jumping out of the van and landing six blows through the half-open window of the Astra. The attacker can also be seen pushing against the door of the vehicle to prevent the driver from fighting back. The Astra driver manages to force open his car door which swings forward and slams the attacker into the side of the van, parked next to it in the middle of the road. He jumps out of his car and goes after the unnamed passenger, who is wearing a blue polo shirt and jeans. But by this time the first attacker has been joined by the burly driver of the white transit van, swinging what appears to be a surveyor's wheel. He then uses the tool as a weapon to strike the Astra driver who retreats from the attacking pair. The confrontation then moves towards a nearby kerb where the Astra driver is forced back into a bush before he is hit with a left and right hook. The fight ends and the shaken Astra driver can be seen remonstrating with the two men who have assaulted him. Police say they are aware of the incident which took place shortly after 2.30pm on Saturday in Garrard Way near the Greenbridge Retail Park in Swindon, Wiltshire. A spokesman said: 'We are aware of this incident and will be investigating. We'd like to hear from any witnesses. 'Call 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 where you can leave information anonymously if preferred.' It's believed the silver Astra had got in the way of the white transit van as it came down Garrard Way in the direction of Drakes Way. This caused the white van to stop and led to words being exchanged between those in the van and the driver of the car.

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  • Terrifying video shows how quickly a house fire spreads 00:48

    Terrifying video shows how quickly a house fire spreads

    The video was created by the New Zealand Fire Service, in the hopes of raising awareness of the dangers of house fires. In the video, a gas fire left unattended in a living room sets fire to a rack of clothes that has been left beside it. Within seconds, the clothes are engulfed by flames. A message reads: 'Objects left too close to heaters often cause fires.' Viewers can browse around the room to see the effects of the fire, alongside poignant messages, encouraging people to leave behind valuables and escape quickly. For example, on the TV, a message reads: 'Valuable? It's not worth your life. Leave it behind.'

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  • Medics fired after mocking patient on a surgery table 00:31

    Medics fired after mocking patient on a surgery table

    Five medics were fired after an outrageous video showing them mocking a man on a surgery table was leaked online. The group of doctors and nurses can be heard laughing raucously as they danced around the patient at the Santa Cruz de Bocagrande clinic in Bolivar, Colombia. The patient was unconscious and lying completely naked face down awaiting surgery on the operating table. It is believed that a member of the operating team took the footage, which shows nurses and medics in scrubs laughing as they shimmy and dance around the man. The video made its way online and quickly went viral. Authorities confirmed they have fired five workers in the video, saying the the video breaks 'all health protocols'. In a statement, clinic bosses said: 'The respect for dignity of every patient is the most important thing in our clinic, therefore we strongly regret the inappropriate behaviour of those who are working as professionals in the health sector, seen in the video recorded in one of our surgery rooms.' The statement added that the five employee's actions 'are against the dignity of the patient and are breaking the protocols and the political values of our institution focused on the quality and humanisation of our service.' The clinic also apologised for the video. A spokesman said: 'This is the first time in seven years of good service that we are living a situation like this and we have taken some measures in order not to repeat these horrific acts.'

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  • Horrifying moment villagers cut open a giant python and discover their missing friend inside 00:58

    Horrifying moment villagers cut open a giant python and discover their missing friend inside

    This is the sickening moment a dead man was cut out of a seven-metre long python's stomach after being swallowed whole. Akbar Salubiro, 25, went missing on Sunday night after setting off to harvest palm oil in a remote village on the island of west Sulawesi, Indonesia. Concerned friends and relatives found a giant python sprawled out in Akbar's own back garden the next evening - and feared he had been suffocated and swallowed. Akbar's lifeless body was found inside the serpent after horrified locals sliced open its belly using a 18-inch long hunting knife. Horrifying footage shows the corpse being slowly removed from the killer reptile as the leathery skin is peeled away. Neighbour Satriawan - who knew Akbar - said: 'He was found in the location of the garden. 'Initially Akbar set out from his home to go to harvest palm. After not returning to his home, people looked for him.' Akbar's wife, Munu, was away at the time and only found out when pictures and video emerged in the news, local media reported. Village secretary Salubiro Junaidi said: 'People had heard cries from the palm grove the night before Akbar was found in the snake's stomach. 'When the snake was captured, the boots Akbar was wearing were clearly visible in the stomach of the snake. 'Resident cut open the belly of the snake and Akbar was lifeless.' Reticulated pythons are boa constrictors that suffocate their victims before swallowing them whole.

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  • Biker Crashes Into Mysterious Creature In The Jungle 00:27

    Biker Crashes Into Mysterious Creature In The Jungle

    A group of friends had a bizarre encounter with a naked humanoid creature while out on a ride.

    22 hours
  • This Demolition Man Gets It Done No Matter What 00:34

    This Demolition Man Gets It Done No Matter What

    Extremely dangerous but gets the job done.

    22 hours
  • Mother films invasive TSA pat-down of her disabled teenage son 02:08

    Mother films invasive TSA pat-down of her disabled teenage son

    A furious mom has blasted the TSA officers who she says gave her disabled son an 'unnecessary' and 'horrifying' pat-down in a Dallas airport on Sunday. Jennifer Williamson says that her son Aaron, who has sensory processing disorder, was detained for more than an hour at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport despite not setting off the metal detector. And although she asked the TSA agent not to perform a pat-down, saying it would upset the boy, the agent went through with it anyway. Williamson then recorded the 'traumatizing' incident in a video that has now been seen more than 1.5 million times. The video shows Aaron, red-faced, being patted down slowly over the course of two minutes by a TSA officer. Sometimes the agent appears to pat the boy on areas that he has already checked. In a Facebook post, Williamson said that she and Aaron were punished and made to wait 'well over an hour' because she asked the TSA agents to respect Aaron's condition. 'We were treated like dogs because I requested they attempt to screen him in other ways per TSA rules,' she said, 'He has SPD and I didn't want my child given a pat down like this.' In sensory processing disorder, sensations are improperly registered or processed by the nervous system, which can result in discomfort or inappropriate responses to being touched. 'Let me make something else crystal clear,' Williamson added, 'He set off NO alarms. He physically did not alarm at all during screening, he passed through the detector just fine. 'He is still several hours later saying "I don't know what I did. What did I do?" I am livid.' She also said that the exchange continued beyond the video, when two DFW [Dallas/Fort Worth] officers were called in and 'flanked' Aaron on each side. 'Somehow these power tripping TSA agents who are traumatizing children and doing whatever they feel like without any cause, need to be reined in,' she concluded. The TSA told the Dallas News that the two officers had been called in to help reassure Williamson. 'The video shows a male TSA officer explaining the procedure to the passenger, who fully cooperates,' the agency said. 'Afterward, the TSA officer was instructed by his supervisor, who was observing, to complete the final step of the screening process.' It also said that the family were kept at the gate for 35 minutes, not the 'well over an hour' that Williamson claimed.

    22 hours
  • Passenger Gets DUI Test Instead of Driver 00:36

    Passenger Gets DUI Test Instead of Driver

    These guys came up to a DUI checkpoint. However, they were in a right steering wheel car instead of a left. When they approached the police she tested the passenger mistakingly because they didn't notice the switch.

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  • Restaurant Worker Pours Hot Water on Colleague's Face after Getting Kicked 00:49
  • Naked man spotted walking on window ledge of apartment block 01:01

    Naked man spotted walking on window ledge of apartment block

    A naked man has caused concern after he was seen wandering around on a window ledge. The unclothed man was filmed pacing back and forth outside the windows of a very high tower block. The worrying footage, captured in Jalan P Ramlee in Kuala Lumpur, was shared online.

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  • 'Ghost ladder' appears to move of its own accord 01:56

    'Ghost ladder' appears to move of its own accord

    A bizarre video has emerged which shows a 'ghost ladder' seeming to move of its own accord. The eerie clip was posted on a Singapore news and entertainment site, Stomp.

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  • Muslim Migrants Attack Restaurant Workers in Florence, Italy after They Mistakenly Put Bacon on Their Cheeseburger 00:44

    Muslim Migrants Attack Restaurant Workers in Florence, Italy after They Mistakenly Put Bacon on Their Cheeseburger

    moku 7043 2

    These Muslim migrants launched into a vicious attack on restaurant workers in Florence, Italy after they were mistakenly handed the wrong hamburgers that also included bacon. Watch the chaos ensue when the Muslims realize the burger they just bit into contained bacon.

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  • Furious father films a police officer confiscating 27 daffodils from his young daughters 01:40

    Furious father films a police officer confiscating 27 daffodils from his young daughters

    A father complained Mother's Day was 'ruined' after a police officer confiscated flowers that had been picked by his daughters. David Taylor was taking his daughters Rosemary, 10, and Emily, five, to visit his mother at her home in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, when the girls spotted some daffodils. They asked Mr Taylor if they could pick some for their grandmother and mother, which he said they could but told them not to take 'too many'. But when the trio returned to his car, they were 'told off' by a police officer, who said he had committed a criminal offence and later confiscated the 'handful' of flowers, which had been picked from council land. Mr Taylor, of Forest Fields, Nottinghamshire, said: 'We were just on the way to my mum's and the girls asked if they could pick some flowers for their gran and mum. 'We turned around to go back to the car and a police officer was stood there and said we shouldn't be doing that. 'I said I understood where she was coming from but there are hundreds by the side of the road there.' He then decided to film the incident after his daughters were made to feel 'criminalised' by the officer. In the 1.49-minute clip, Mr Taylor is heard saying: 'We were picking flowers for Mother's Day, not bothering anybody. 'It's public land, but this police officer decided to take them off my children.' When the officer claims Mr Taylor has 'committed a criminal offence', he replies: 'Have I really? 'Picking flowers off of public land? They're not endangered, they're not rare. 'I think you're disgusting, taking flowers off children while they're picking them. 'Haven't you got anything better to do, rather that harassing children? 'The person only upsetting my girls is this police officer. 'I pay my taxes, and her wages.' Mr Taylor added: 'She explained it was illegal and then took the flowers off the girls which upset them and is why I started filming it. 'I respect the police and the law but I feel like it could have been dealt with a bit better with some common sense. 'It just really rattled me that she took that attitude. 'It ruined Mother's Day for the girls because they were looking forward to taking the flowers back to their mum when I dropped them off.' David, who is separated from the girls' mother, said he would rather have paid a fine so his daughters could keep the daffodils. He added: 'She gave me a telling off, which I understand, but the flower had already been picked so I don't see why she had to take them from the girls. 'I would have rather paid a fine so the girls could keep the flowers for their gran and mum. 'The girls have been criminalised for doing something that everyone does. 'I have always taught my girls to respect the laws and for the sake of picking flowers I now have to explain to my kids what they did wrong. 'I just feel it was a bit of a waste of police time when you look at all the other crime there is going on in the area.' Nottinghamshire Police confirmed the officer confiscated the flowers from the girls and took them to a care home. A spokesperson said: 'An officer spotted a family picking flowers from a council maintained verge near Berryhill Park, Mansfield. 'The officer provided the family with some advice about picking flowers, and the matter was not taken any further. 'A bunch of 27 flowers were taken to a nearby care home so they did not go to waste.'

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  • Schoolboy jumps from building after his phone was confiscated 00:17

    Schoolboy jumps from building after his phone was confiscated

    A student from China plunged off his school building last week after a teacher had taken away his mobile phone during class. The teenage boy had apparently been playing games on his phone in class, according to Chinese media. He was taken to the hospital immediately and suffered 'non-life-threatening' injuries. The incident occurred on the morning of March 22 in Tanghe County, central China's Henan Province, reported The student, identified as Liu, is reportedly a first grade student at a secondary school in Tanghe. His age has not been reported, but students in that grade are typically 15 years old. According to a surveillance video clip shared on Chinese social media, Liu stood on the balcony of his school building during a break between classes. A number of other students were relaxing near him. Two female students, who stood next to Liu, appeared to be shocked as Liu climbed over the railing and suddenly jumped. It remains unclear how high the balcony is. The Education and Sports Bureau of Tanghe County released a statement in the evening of March 24, according to The statement confirmed the incident. The statement also said that the police authority had carried out an investigation into the incident. According to the police, Liu's teacher confiscated his mobile phone because he had been playing games on it during class. Liu was apparently unhappy about losing his phone and resorted to drastic measures. The local authority has set up a team to carry out further investigation into the matters. The team comprises officials from the local propaganda, education, police and health departments. Liu is currently in hospital and his condition is stable, said the statement.

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  • The heart-stopping moment a sailor PATS a shark like it's a cat 00:30

    The heart-stopping moment a sailor PATS a shark like it's a cat

    This is the terrifying moment a sailor casually pets a shark out at sea as it brandishes its impressive teeth. A short video clip shows the man reaching out his hand and gentle stroking the sea creature round its mouth. The shark rolls its large head in a circular motion as it is caressed by the man. The weird clip has amazed people on social media with many finding the fascinating footage adorable. One said: 'Is it strange that I find it cute?' Another wrote: 'Dawwwww. Poor widdle sharkiepoo.' Others were impressed with the sailor. A fan wrote: 'This man got balls!!!' 'That's really scary,' a Twitter-user replied. It isn't know where the video was filmed. Some have questioned whether the film is a fake but others have been convinced it's real.

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  • Terrifying moment passenger films smoke pouring from the wing of his plane 00:10

    Terrifying moment passenger films smoke pouring from the wing of his plane

    Video has captured the terrifying moment fuel began pouring from the wing of a plane mid-flight. Boston resident Josh Jacobs was aboard the Shanghai-bound flight when it was forced to make an emergency landing in Montreal on Saturday. 'Already a few moments after take off, we knew something wasn't working right,' Jacobs told CBC. His fellow passengers aboard flight AC017 reported hearing strange sounds as the plane took off. Airline officials said a warning light came on in the cockpit of the Boeing 787, so they followed procedure by shutting down the engine and dumping the fuel. They also contacted the teams on the ground to let them know they were in trouble. Video captured by Jacobs' cellphone shows the moment the plane dumped the fuel, as smoke is seen billowing out of the jet's wing. 'Glad 2b back @aeroportsMTL @AirCanada #YUL-PVG engine fail on takeoff. Engine shutdown, fuel dump: professional response,' he tweeted after landing. However, he said the captain was quick to make an announcement to let passengers know the move was standard emergency protocol. The Air Canada jet made an emergency landing in Montreal without incident. The 213 passengers were able to board another Shanghai-bound flight later that day. 'Our technical team will proceed with an inspection of the engine to determine the cause of the incident,' said Isabelle Arthur, a spokesperson for Air Canada.

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  • Shocking video shows gang of 30 men ambushing a 21-year-old and his friend 01:46

    Shocking video shows gang of 30 men ambushing a 21-year-old and his friend

    The King Slayer 1534 -1

    Two men feared for their lives when they were ambushed and beaten by a group of 30 in an attack that was filmed and posted on social media. Timmy Talbot-Manning, 21, brought his friend Josh Smith, 20, to a park in Thornton, Colorado, on Thursday, to smooth over a breakup with an ex-girlfriend. But the meeting turned out to be a set up, and a large group of men descended on their SUV, leaving the two with black eyes and a concussion, KDVR reported. Talbot-Manning said he arranged a meeting with his ex-girlfriend's best friend in hopes that she would be persuaded to stop contacting him. He brought his friend to the Woodglen-Brookshire Park for moral support, only to be attacked when they arrived at 5.45pm on Thursday. Video footage of the beating, which was posted on social media, shows dozens of men attacking both Timmy and Josh while they were still seated in the SUV. They tried to pull Timmy from the car, and unlocked the passenger side door to bash Smith in the head and back, he said. The 20-year-old later told KDVR: 'I feared for my life.' Smith managed to run off and seek the help of a neighbor, before Talbot-Manning escaped. 'It’s the most horrifying thing. I thought I got my friend killed. I couldn’t believe I put him, or anyone, in that situation,' Talbot-Manning said. The 21-year-old suffered a concussion and bruised ribs, while his friend was left with two black eyes, as well as cuts and bruises to his body. Talbot-Manning's SUV was also damaged, with a panel inside a passenger door completely torn off. The two victims accused the group known as the 'Vape Squad', saying they've outnumbered and attacked others before. Days later, video footage of the attack emerged on social media - although it was promptly deleted once the Thornton Police were turned on to the incriminating posts.

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  • Furious cyclist smashes driver's windscreen with his own bike 01:13

    Furious cyclist smashes driver's windscreen with his own bike

    This is the moment a cyclist smashes a driver's windscreen with his own bike after a furious row. Tracey Leng, 50, was driving to see her mother who is seriously ill at Manchester Royal Infirmary hospital on Mother's Day when she became embroiled in an argument with the unknown cyclist. Footage from the Levenshulme mother's dashcam shows a cyclist wearing black overtake her at red traffic lights on Hathersage Road in Chorlton-upon-Medlock. He then tails back to begin an argument with Mrs Leng. On two occasions he appears as if he is about to ride off before walking back to continue the row. The footage then shows him picking up his bike and throwing it at the dark blue Skoda Octavia, cracking the windscreen. Mrs Leng says the man had turned around to berate her for veering into a cycle lane - which she insists that she did not do. He does then get back on the bike and rides off and despite efforts by Tracy and her husband Peter, 44, to follow him he managed to get away cycling through the Manchester Royal Infirmary site. Police were called and officers, including forensics, attended and took a swab of his saliva he left after spitting on the vehicle. The mother from Levenshulme, who works as an estimations clerk in the oil and gas industry, claims the man shouted abuse at her during the incident and said she was deeply shocked. Mrs Leng has passed on footage to GMP and officers are now investigating the shocking incident, which happened at the junction with Upper Brook Street. A GMP spokesman confirmed the incident had been reported to them and they were investigating. He said officers are set to examine the footage and both themselves and Mrs Leng are appealing for any witnesses, or anyone who can help with their enquiries, to come forward. Mrs Leng said: 'We're still a state of shock about it. 'We don't know why he was so angry. There was no clear cycle lane and even if there was I definitely wasn't in it. 'He started shouting and swearing but as soon as we told him it was all being caught on the dashcam he totally flipped. 'We were totally numb after he threw the bike. 'There was a big loud crack, we didn't know if the whole window was going to shatter. It was really frightening, we didn't know what he might do next.' Mrs Leng's 69 year-old mother is undergoing life-saving surgery in the next few days and she says the attack has inconvenienced them at the worst possible time. She added: 'Things are bad enough at the moment. 'It completely ruined Mother's Day as we had to cancel a meal and cut short visiting my mum to deal with the police. 'But more importantly my car is off the road now at a time when we really need it to get to the hospital. 'I was just so un-called for, I cannot understand why anyone would do something like that.'

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  • Terrifying Moment When Shark Tries To Attack Swimmer 00:19

    Terrifying Moment When Shark Tries To Attack Swimmer

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    I don't think a bird cage is going to protect you from a shark!

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  • Bosnian teenager breaks an insane taekwondo record using his head 01:31

    Bosnian teenager breaks an insane taekwondo record using his head

    16-year-old taekwondo blackbelt Kerim Ahmetsapahic from Bosnia managed to crush a total of 111 building blocks in just 35 seconds using only his head achieving a Guinness World Record

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