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  • Daredevil falls from fourth floor balcony in Russia 00:18

    Daredevil falls from fourth floor balcony in Russia

    A daredevil is fighting for his life after falling from the fourth floor of a block of flats. The unnamed man was caught on camera by neighbours as he attempted to climb down the outside of the building. But onlookers watched in horror as the man lost his grip and plummeted to the icy ground below in the city of Chelyabinsk in south central Russia. Cameraman Konstantin Sergeev, who lives in the building opposite, said the man appeared to be climbing down the outside of the building when he slipped and fell. He landed onto a snowy mound but it was not enough to cushion his fall and he was badly hurt. The man, whose name has not been released, was rushed by ambulance to hospital with multiple injuries. Doctors say that he remains in a critical condition. The video of the incident is proving popular online where it has sparked a debate about what inspired the man to attempt such a reckless stunt. Poster 'tlt ltt' said: 'I hope he is alive', while 'duslik' added: 'Poor guy, he was either hit by spring fever or God knows what happened in one of these apartments that he had to act this way.'

    3 weeks
  • Crowd Rescue Two Students From Freezing River in Northeast China 01:16

    Crowd Rescue Two Students From Freezing River in Northeast China

    Two students who fell into a freezing river were rescued through the collaboration of kind-hearted people on Tuesday in Harbin City, provincial capital of northeast China's Heilongjiang Province. The students ventured onto the ice of the Songhua River for fun, but ended up falling into an ice hole ten meters from the riverbank. The crowd on the bank was worried about the two students. A teenager boy even jumped onto the ice to help them. However, because the ice was too thin, he could only sit on it or put out his hand to grapple them. Meanwhile, security guards who were patrolling nearby hastened to the site. "We rushed to the river and found that some people and children had already tried to save the students. But the ice was so thin that we were afraid they would also fall into the river. So we took off our clothes and collected several clothes from the crowd to make a rope, and throw the rope into the river," said Zhang Jinxi, a security guard. The students got rescued through the collaboration of the crowd eventually. Security guards took them to their security booth to warm them up. "As soon as they got rescued, we wrapped them with our clothes and took them to our booth to warm them up, helping them took off the wet clothes and change into dry ones. We wanted to call their families, but they were cramping with cold and unable to speak. After around six minutes, they recovered gradually and told us how to contact their parents," said Zhang. The students said that they were frolicking on ice therefore failed to notice there was a hole in it. Police warn that with spring returning and temperature rising, ice on the river is thinning day by day. It is dangerous to walk onto a thawing river.

    3 weeks
  • Woman using the crosswalk survives after a hit and run by a van 00:13

    Woman using the crosswalk survives after a hit and run by a van

    Police on Wednesday were searching for a hit-and-run driver who left a woman severely injured after striking her in Van Nuys. The incident occurred around 7 p.m. on March 22 on Vanowen Street near Sunnyslope Avenue, according to L.A. Police Detective Bill Bustos. The survivor, Penny Casbon, told KTLA she was on her way to church but can't remember much else about the day of the accident other than briefly waking up inside an ambulance and someone telling her she had been hit by a car. Surveillance footage shows Casbon walking in a crosswalk when a white van drives right into her, rolling her onto its hood where she was carried for a while before falling in a street. The driver never stopped. Casbon is still in the hospital after two weeks with severe bruising and many broken bones.

    3 weeks
  • Bystanders Help Visually Impaired Man After He Fell From The Atlanta Train Platform To The Tracks! 00:25

    Bystanders Help Visually Impaired Man After He Fell From The Atlanta Train Platform To The Tracks!

    Several people leaped to action and risked their own lives to help a visually impaired man who fell from a downtown Atlanta train platform to the tracks below. A video shot by a bystander shows two people who had jumped down next to the man lifting him by his legs while two others on the platform grab his shoulders. The man was taken to a hospital with an ankle or leg injury.

    3 weeks
  • Belarus: Unlucky cow falls off the back of a moo-ving truck in Minsk 00:31

    Belarus: Unlucky cow falls off the back of a moo-ving truck in Minsk

    Dashcam footage captured the moment an unfortunate cow fell off the back of a truck being driven down a highway in Minsk on Wednesday. The cow tumbled out of the truck at the intersection of Kizhevatov street and Osipovichi street, before calmly getting back on its feet as traffic passed it. According to local reports, the driver of the truck had even worse luck attempting to re-capture the runaway cow and the Ministry of Emergency Situations was called in to provide assistance. Eventually the animal was tied to a tree and returned to the vehicle.

    3 weeks
  • Shocking moment a double-decker tram overturns injuring 14 people 00:17

    Shocking moment a double-decker tram overturns injuring 14 people

    Surveillance footage has emerged showing the heart-stopping moment when a double-decker tram toppled over in central Hong Kong. The driver of the tram, who is 23 years old, was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of dangerous driving. Five women and nine men including the driver were injured, with some taken to hospital, according to police. The incident, rare for the city's highly efficient public transport network, occurred around midnight on Thursday local time in the city's Central district. A police spokesman said the driver, surnamed Lo, was being questioned. Lo is said to have been a tram driver for a year and a half. The footage, released by Hong Kong news website Apple Daily, shows the vehicle veering to the right before toppling over on Des Voeux Road Central near the HSBC headquarters. The tram was travelling towards Sai Wan. It remains unclear how many passengers the vehicle was carrying at the time of the accident. Another news footage from local TV stations showed firefighters at the scene, and one person wearing an oxygen mask while being carried out of the flipped tram on a stretcher. Images taken by an AFP photographer on site revealed the tram being turned right-side-up shortly afterwards. Speaking to the press, Cheng Chit Fai, the Chief of Wan Chai Fire Service Department said fire brigade arrived within three minutes after the accident occurred. The authority dispatched five fire engines, nine ambulances, 51 firefighters and medics to the scene. Among the 11 injured passengers, 11 were were taken to the Queen Mary Hospital and Ruttonjee Hospital, according to Mr Cheng. Most of them are said to sustain scratches, and one passenger suffered neck and shoulder injuries. It is suspected that the tram has de-railed, hit the tram station before toppling over, according to Chiu Shung Hei, the Senior Inspector of Hong Kong Island Traffic Accident Investigation Division. Mr Chiu spoke during the same press conference that the police have launched investigation on the road design and any obstacles in the tram tracks. The police are set to confirm whether or not the tram was speeding. Latest reports by local news websites Apple Daily and HK01 said the driver has been released on bail. In response to the claim that the tram had hit a bus, Mr Chiu said that the police are still investigating, but according to passengers on board, they hadn't seen any bus driving around when the accident happened. It is the second incident on Hong Kong's public transport network this year, usually regarded among the safest and best infrastructure systems in the world, with accidents uncommon. Seventeen people were injured in February when a fire engulfed a subway train, triggering the evacuation of Tsim Sha Tsui station - a major hub - during rush hour and causing chaos on the platform. Police later arrested a man for arson.

    3 weeks
  • Woman rescued from under 680kg boulder 00:46

    Woman rescued from under 680kg boulder

    A woman in the US is recovering after she was struck by and trapped under a 680kg boulder while she was hiking west of Denver. The Denver Post reported the 30-year-old woman’s legs were pinned for more than two hours under the boulder at the popular North Table Mountain Park in Golden. Rescuers used a hydraulic system to free her.

    3 weeks
  • Passengers are thrown out the window in shocking bus crash 00:17

    Passengers are thrown out the window in shocking bus crash

    At least 11 passengers were injured when a bus lost control and hit a barrier in the middle of a highway in Shenzhen, China, on March 31. CCTV footage from the driver's seat shows the moment of impact which sent several passengers out of the front window. Shenzhen policemen said that the cause of the incident was due to wet weather and high-speed driving.

    3 weeks
  • Dramatic car flip on motorway when driver falls asleep at wheel 00:30

    Dramatic car flip on motorway when driver falls asleep at wheel

    This is the shocking moment a driver fell asleep at the wheel on a busy motorway and smashed into the central reservation. The incident was caught on the dashcams of two vehicles on the Moscow Automobile Ring Road, the MKAD, which runs around the Russian capital. The footage shows the white car veer from the left-hand lane into the concrete central reservation and bounce back into the carriageway. But the driver is unable to control his car which again smashes into the central reservation this time hard enough to make it overturn. The vehicle goes into a roll, overturning several times, before coming to rest upside down in the middle of the road. Fortunately, the drivers were quick-witted enough to hit the brakes and activate their hazard lights to prevent a pile-up. Police believe the driver fell asleep at the wheel, was awoken when his car first clipped the central reservation but could not react quickly enough to control his vehicle. Police are investigating the accident. There is no information on the condition of the driver of the white car. Nobody else was injured in the accident. The dashcam footage of the spectacular incident is proving popular on video-sharing websites where it sparked a lively debate among users. Netizen 'Koryushka' said: 'This could have ended pretty badly - not only for the sleepy driver, but for others too.' And 'VladikS88' added: 'I would not have wanted to see something like this with my own eyes while driving.' The Moscow Automobile Ring Road, or MKAD, runs 68 miles around the city.

    3 weeks
  • Thief drops stolen goods when owner confronts him with shotgun 00:35

    Thief drops stolen goods when owner confronts him with shotgun

    A biker who attempted to steal from a car was foiled after the owner threatened him with a shotgun. CCTV footage shows the man arriving at a shop in an unclear region of Malaysia and parking up his motorcycle next to a car. He is seen looking at the car, looking at the shop, and then returning his gaze to the vehicle. The man quickly opens the back door of the car and removes an item before reaching in to an open window in the passenger door and taking out a green box. When he gets back on his motorcycle he is confronted by the car owner, who comes out bearing a shotgun and points it at him, but doesn't shoot. The motorcyclist then drops the items and drives off. The video was published on the Viral Video Malaysia Facebook page, where it has been viewed nearly 10,000 times.

    3 weeks
  • Falling Construction Worker Caught by Martial Arts Master 01:15

    Falling Construction Worker Caught by Martial Arts Master

    A construction worker fell off an 8-meter-high wall after a scaffold collapsed in east China's Suzhou City lately, but was lucky to be caught with bare hands by a martial arts coach. The worker surnamed Wang was setting up a billboard on the second floor when the scaffold fell accidentally. He was quick enough to hold onto the wall under which steel bars and cement lay in a mess. A nearby coffee shop owner Gu Zhiying hurried to fetch sofa cushions and mattresses and placed them onto the ground. Her husband Wu Qiang, the martial arts coach, reached out to catch Wang before Wang dropped several minutes later. "One of my feet has climbed onto it while the other was climbing. Clatter! The scaffold collapsed. I'm lucky to hold onto the wall with my hands," said Wang. Wang in his fifties got some slight injures on his thoracic spines when he was stuck by a window. Wu's arms got swollen but not badly. Wu said he started to learn martial arts when he was seven years old and has worked as a martial arts coach for over 40 years. He participated in a national youth martial arts match in 1984 and claimed two all-round titles and won another two single champions. "I learn martial arts. It's an instinct. And we know this rescue skill," said Wu Qiang. Wu said as a person skillful at martial arts, he should have chivalrous spirit and is willing to help others. He also reminded people not to try this way to save others because it's easy to get injured.

    3 weeks
  • Caught On CCTV: Flying Mattress Hits Biker, But Also Saves His Life 00:15

    Caught On CCTV: Flying Mattress Hits Biker, But Also Saves His Life

    NEW DELHI: A large mattress that was not properly secured to the back of a truck caused a motorcycle accident but also broke the biker's fall in Australia. The entire incident was captured on a surveillance camera. Aaron Wood was riding his motorcycle through a tunnel in Brisbane, Australia last week when one of two mattresses flew off the back of a truck in front of him. He swerved to the next lane but the mattress got lodged in the front tyre of his bike, causing it to flip up briefly. Luckily, he landed on the mattress, which broke his fall. The driver of the truck drove away without stopping. Mr Wood was able to walk away from the accident with only a few minor cuts on his hands.

    3 weeks
  • Heart-stopping moment commuter jumps onto New York subway tracks to rescue man 01:44

    Heart-stopping moment commuter jumps onto New York subway tracks to rescue man

    The moment a New York man jumped onto live subway tracks Saturday to rescue another man who had fallen has been captured on dramatic video. Jonathan Kulig, 29, was standing several feet away at the Third Avenue L train station in Manhattan on Saturday night when he saw a young man lying on the subway tracks. Kulig was heading to his overnight shift as an engineering supervisor with Con Edison when he saw something fall onto the tracks on the opposite platform from where he was standing. Of all the people standing around on the platform, Kulig was the only one who jumped down beside the unidentified man. He lifted the semi-conscious man off the watery space between the tracks and onto the platform, where an unidentified woman laid him down as other passengers stood and watched. 'Talk to me, what's happening?' Kulig asks the man, whose clothes are muddy from the tracks, but he only receives mumbles in response. Kulig and the woman escort the man to a subway bench, where seconds later a train pulls into the station.

    3 weeks
  • Dumb Driver Turning Left from Center Lane Ends Badly 00:56

    Dumb Driver Turning Left from Center Lane Ends Badly

    A vehicle turns left from the middle lane, and cuts off an oncoming vehicle on the left. This is why you should only turn left from the left-most lane.

    3 weeks
  • 4,000-HP Corvette Dragster Takes Flight and Crashes 03:50

    4,000-HP Corvette Dragster Takes Flight and Crashes

    Drag racing's emphasis on maximum acceleration and straight line speed above all else means the sport occasionally leads to some visually impressive crashes. The sheer amount of power being pushed through the back wheels of the vehicles—especially funny cars, which lack the manic downforce of Top Fuel dragsters—mean it's often easy for drag racing cars to pop wheelies that would make Vin Diesel's Charger jealous. And if a car's nose climbs too high and enough air pressure gathers beneath its undercarriage, the whole dragster can Case in point: The crash of driver Daniel Pharris's 4,000-horsepower twin-turbo Chevy Corvette funny car at this past weekend's Radial Revenge Tour in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For the first few seconds, everything seems to be going well; indeed, it's competitor Keith Haney in his Camaro in the other lane who seems to be struggling with his ride, fighting a wheelie for a brief moment. Then Pharris's Corvette pitches back, and...well, you can guess the rest. Thankfully, Pharris walked away from the crash in one piece. His Corvette, however, wasn't so lucky. "I did everything I could to catch it before it got out of hand but missed it," Pharris said, according to DragZine. "These things aren’t like driving Miss Daisy to the grocery store—more like riding a bull. You have to be prepared for anything with 4000-plus horsepower."

    3 weeks
  • Light aircraft makes emergency landing on Catalan motorway 00:30

    Light aircraft makes emergency landing on Catalan motorway

    A video recorded by a motorist shows the moments after the emergency landing of a plane on the AP-7 on the outskirts of Barcelona. The aircraft is reported to have landed due to an 'engine fault'.

    3 weeks
  • Caught On Camera : Manhole cover explodes in Boston 00:22

    Caught On Camera : Manhole cover explodes in Boston

    A manhole cover went flying into the air after an explosion that police say was caused by a failure in an underground cable.

    3 weeks
  • Large wave slams sailboat into pier, crew thrown into water 00:42

    Large wave slams sailboat into pier, crew thrown into water

    Raw video: Yacht destroyed, boaters rescued after scary accident in Redondo Beach, California

    3 weeks
  • Trucker makes epic anti texting and driving rant 01:46

    Trucker makes epic anti texting and driving rant

    "I made a video and posted it on Facebook to scare my sons into never texting and driving. Now it's blown up "

    3 weeks
  • Mother and Daughter Run Over By A Truck Still Alive Under The Wheels 05:02

    Mother and Daughter Run Over By A Truck Still Alive Under The Wheels

    Happened in Vietnam, both are Alive and in critical condition.

    3 weeks
  • Fire breaks out in downtown Dubai near large shopping mall 00:45

    Fire breaks out in downtown Dubai near large shopping mall

    Smoke billowed across Dubai today after a fire broke out in a high-rise complex under construction near Dubai's biggest shopping mall. The site is next to the Dubai Mall and near the 63-story The Address Downtown Dubai tower, which was badly damaged by fire on New Year's Eve 2015. Flames licked out of the lower levels of the building and bangs could be heard every few minutes as propane gas tanks used by welders blew up. Eyewitness Anthea Ayache said: 'It was plumes and plumes of black smoke. It looks like it was quite low down. 'There's so many fire brigades, so they seem to have gotten on top of it very quickly.' Firefighters bravely tackled the blaze and it appears there have not been any casualties. Dubai-based journalist Ahmed Rasoul tweeted video footage of the fire earlier today. The fire at The Address Residences Fountain Views towers was later brought under control. The complex is being built by Emaar Properties, who built The Address Downtown Dubai hotel, which caught fire on December 31, 2015 blaze. There have been several fires in skyscrapers in Dubai and some safety experts have cited a popular type of cladding covering the buildings that can be highly flammable.

    3 weeks
  • How did this Driver Get Her Licence? 00:59

    How did this Driver Get Her Licence?

    A driver in Russia is okay after she attempted a left turn at an unsafe time, and collided directly into a concrete mixing truck.

    4 weeks
  • World Superbike rider Javier Fores engulfed in flames as his bike catches fire during qualifying in Spain 00:14

    World Superbike rider Javier Fores engulfed in flames as his bike catches fire during qualifying in Spain

    World Superbike riders are used to flirting with danger in the pursuit of speed around the track. But one rider got more than he bargained for during qualifying for Sunday's race in Spain. Javier Fores' bike was engulfed in flames while he made his way round the track. Amazingly, however, the Spaniard remained on his bike for more than 10 second

    4 weeks
  • Villepinte: Horrific moment of huge explosion at carnival in France 00:11

    Villepinte: Horrific moment of huge explosion at carnival in France

    The King Slayer 1811 -1

    At least 30 people have been injured, four critically after an explosion rocked a busy French carnival. Screaming spectators were thrown to the ground as the blasts shook the ground at the popular event. The blast happened at the event known as the Yellow Carnival, in Villepinte, a Paris suburb about 11 miles from the centre, close to Charles De Gaulle airport. Local authorities told French media that the blast was 'accidental', and was not terror related. An aide to mayor Martine Valleton said the explosions were accidental. 'It's an unforeseeable and accidental incident,' the aide said. The twin blasts happened during a Caribbean dance event during the carnival, and reportedly occurred after a effigy was set on fire. Footage from the Villepinte Carnival show flames and plumes of smoke stretching into the sky after the explosions happened at about 5.30pm. Emergency services are at the scene and have cordoned off the surrounding area, while the carnival was evacuated. The cause of the explosion is not yet clear, but it is believed carnival-goers were setting fire to an effigy called Mr Carnaval, a giant puppet in the shape of a man made from straw and sticks. Witnesses reported hearing loud bangs as the fire took hold, just after the carnival parade had started. The blasts sparked panic among the crowds as several people were harmed by flying debris. Witnesses described scenes of horror and panicked crowds and reported seeing 'a man with a broken arm' and 'a child with blood on his face'. Others talked of 'people running around to find their children' in the wake of the explosions.

    4 weeks
  • Speeding Driver Causes Accident ,Leaves Scene 00:39

    Speeding Driver Causes Accident ,Leaves Scene

    Everyone was thankfully okay after a speeding driver caused an accident and sped off without stopping. When involved in an accident you're required by law to stop. If this driver gets identified he could face serious charges.

    4 weeks
  • Electric Bicycle Crashes into Minibus in East China District 00:48

    Electric Bicycle Crashes into Minibus in East China District

    A man was almost injured twice in a traffic accident that occurred in Suyu District, Suqian City of east China's Jiangsu Province, recently. The surveillance video shows that a man, the electric bicycle rider, had been attempting to cross the road before the accident. He just looked left to a medicine box on his hand, without noticing an approaching minibus. At a high speed, the minibus collided with the electric bicycle. Worried about the injured man, the driver of the minibus hurried to get off the vehicle to check him, forgetting to use hand brake to stop the minibus. At that moment, the minibus began to move backward, and almost rolled over the man lying on ground. "Fortunately, the minibus did not roll over the man. According to the medical diagnosis, the man surnamed Chen was injured on chest, with some ribs fractured," said Chen Tong, a traffic policeman. The man has already left the hospital after treatment.

    4 weeks
  • Bridge Collapses in Atlanta Freeway Fire During Rush Hour 00:56

    Bridge Collapses in Atlanta Freeway Fire During Rush Hour

    A massive fire caused a bridge to collapse Thursday night on Interstate 85 in Atlanta, one of the busiest stretches of roadway in America, backing up rush hour traffic for several miles and creating what the mayor called a long-term "transportation crisis." The huge fire was reported at 6:21 p.m. ET underneath the bridge on the northbound side — near where the interstate merges with another major artery, State Highway 400 — forcing authorities to close the interstate and turn drivers around during the evening rush. Then, at about 7 p.m., the bridge collapsed in a flaming heap that spewed thick, black smoke high into the air, where it was visible for miles around Atlanta. Authorities managed to turn back traffic before the bridge collapsed, and Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal said no injuries were reported. But thousands of motorists were locked in place on the interstate as state troopers worked on a way to get vehicles off the roadway. Deal declared a state of emergency for Atlanta and Fulton County late Thursday night. The fire itself was declared under control about 8 p.m., but the collapsed bridge was the principal problem. All lanes of I-85 in the area are expected to be blocked indefinitely, the state Transportation Department said. "I think it's as serious a transportation crisis as we could have," Mayor Kasim Reed said at a news conference late Thursday. He said that FBI agents were on the scene "to work out what happened" but that the agency had reported no suspected link to terrorism. Russell McMurry, commissioner of the Georgia Department of Transportation, also described the situation as a "crisis." At a news conference at 11 p.m. ET — almost five hours after the fire started — transportation crews still couldn't gain access to the scene because of the heat still being generated by the flames, McMurry said. A department spokeswoman said it was unlikely that inspections of the affected structures could even begin until Friday afternoon at the earliest. Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran disclosed Thursday night that other parts of I-85 had been "compromised" — including the important interchange over Piedmont Road, which leads to the state Capitol. In an interview with NBC affiliate WXIA, Cochran credited state troopers with saving lives by managing to stop all of the traffic in the 40 minutes before the bridge collapsed. "We had heavy fire. We had heavy smoke. We couldn't see through that smoke just like everybody else," he said. The cause of the fire remained undetermined Thursday night, but Deal said in a televised statement that authorities were focusing on the possibility that polyvinyl chloride (PVC) piping commonly used in construction may have ignited for some reason. WXIA reported that large amounts of PVC pipe were stored under the bridge. The location is near the ritzy downtown Atlanta district of Buckhead, sometimes called "the Beverly Hills of the South," which is home to some of the city's biggest businesses, medical centers and diplomatic missions. State and local officials said more than 225,000 vehicles traveled trough the affected area on an average weekday, and they pleaded with Atlantans to do whatever they could to stay away for as long as it takes. "Most of us are used to our routines. We're used to that one way we go to work and that one way we do our business," said Col. Mark McDonough, chief executive of the state Department of Public Safety. "So this is now the time to change that."

    4 weeks
  • Terrifying moment woman runs for her life after truck veers off road 00:50

    Terrifying moment woman runs for her life after truck veers off road

    A woman has been filmed running for her life as a truck veers off a rain-soaked road and hits a pole only metres away from her. The video shows the large truck career off the wet asphalt as it travelled along Warringah Road in Mona Vale, north of Sydney. The driver can be seen losing control of the vehicle as it miraculously avoids hitting other cars on the road and hurtles towards pedestrians on the footpath. A terrified female pedestrian can be seen darting away from the heavy truck as it eventually smashes into a light pole, sending sparks into the sky. As the truck driver left the vehicle he appears to wave his arms in disbelief as he gestures towards other motorists who witnessed the crash. 'There was a lot of drivers yelling at him, saying "you could have killed us, you idiot",' witness Tamra Moore told 9NEWS No one was injured in the crash which occurred during peak hour traffic on a rainy day in Sydney's northern beaches.

    4 weeks
  • A Police Patrol Car Is A Total Loss After A Head-On Collision 04:00

    A Police Patrol Car Is A Total Loss After A Head-On Collision

    Ionia, MI, 13 March, 2017 - An in-car dash camera shows how quickly a crash can happen. An Ionia Department of Public Safety officer had just made a left turn when his patrol car crashed into a car pulling into a gas station. Upon impact, the camera pointed up but the officer and woman involved in the March 13 crash can be heard. She was trapped in the car until firefighters could arrive to free her. A state police investigation showed that the police car was traveling 21 mph when it crashed into the car pulling into the business, Public Safety Director Troy Thomas said. The patrol car was a total loss. The crash happened at North Dexter and West Main streets. The police officer can be heard calling in the crash, and calming the other driver. The other driver was cited for failure to yield, Thomas said.

    4 weeks
  • Young woman riding scooter to 1st day of new job drops in front of a car 00:15

    Young woman riding scooter to 1st day of new job drops in front of a car

    Fatal Accident In the Hemaraj Industrial Estate, Rayong province.

    4 weeks
  • Motorcyclist survives cliffside crash caught on camera 01:51

    Motorcyclist survives cliffside crash caught on camera

    GoPro video showed a motorcyclist lose control of his bike going over a cliff on the Angeles Crest Highway and survive with just a fractured shoulder.

    4 weeks
  • Tragic moment floor collapses while children play party games 01:45

    Tragic moment floor collapses while children play party games

    Dozens of young children crashed into water after the floor collapsed during a game of musical chairs. The boys and girls, who looked to be under 10, were being cheered on by adults who had gathered round at the children's' party. The children were caught on camera walking around blue plastic chairs in a rickety hut, which appears to have been built on top of water.Adults encouraged the youngsters to keep playing the game by making circular motions with their arms and clapping their hands. During the second round of the game, the children jumped on to their chairs when the music stopped. But the impact of their movement caused the wooden floor to split and the entire group fell through the floor.The children who dropped through the floor screamed in terror as parents desperately tried to help. The adults who didn't fall through the floor rushed to help the young children flailing in the water. It isn't clear if there were any serious injuries.

    4 weeks