FREUDIAN SLIP! MSNBC Guest Claims Pres Trump has "Always Been a Racist" Forgets He was a Democrat ALL His Life Until Recently.

Posted by moku 2018 years ago in News
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TRUMP: "It was surreal. I couldn’t believe H articuing the equality and justice that March the tin Luther king stood for and died for when he said some of the most outrageous things he said to date. I wasn’t surprised at all by his comments this week as reported. Donald Trump has long been a racist. He has articulated racist — his racist beliefs for decades. He started his career discriminating against black people in housing. He called for the execution of the central park five. He started his political career being a birther. There are a myriad of examples where Donald Trump either espoused racist beliefs or did racist things through policy. And so it wasn’t surprising, but it was so unfortunate on a week when we were honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. That the president would, with no sense of irony, stand there after saying racist things in the White House."

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