Fox5 Altanta Hosts are PISSED it took 3 DUI's to Deport an ILLEGAL Immigrant from the USA

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Even if a foreign-born person is in this country legally, they can still be deported if they break the law.

But there's one law they're allowed to break multiple times and still stay here.

Drunk driving.

The FOX 5 I-Team discovered dozens of cases in Gwinnett and Cobb where immigrants were only referred to immigration authorities after their third DUI conviction.

"They shouldn't be here," agreed Atlanta immigration attorney Charles Kuck. "The reality is if you've been convicted more than once for a DUI, you should be gone."

The rule for immigrants here illegally is a lot tougher. As long as they are convicted of drunk driving and not just charged, they can be deported after just one DUI. But for someone here legally, like on a work permit or green card, they usually can't be kicked out unless they commit a felony. And that takes three DUIs.

Jose Lara-Rostro got the hat trick in 2015.

Lilburn police found the Mexican-born legal resident passed out at a traffic light. When they tried to wake him, he took off, running several red lights.

"He's all over the road," one of the officers calls back to dispatch. "If he doesn't stop he's going to kill somebody."

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