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  • Unlucky moment a hotel worker causes shelf of wine to fall 00:15

    Unlucky moment a hotel worker causes shelf of wine to fall

    Unlucky moment a hotel worker picks up a case of alcohol and sends a whole shelf of wine falling to the ground

    3 weeks
  • Horrific moment man randomly hits 90-year-old with cane in NYC 00:32

    Horrific moment man randomly hits 90-year-old with cane in NYC

    The King Slayer 3423 -3

    Surveillance video has captured the shocking moment a 90-year-old man was hit in the head in an unprovoked attack on Friday. NYPD officers say the assault occurred in the neighborhood of Inwood in Manhattan around 5:55pm. The callous attacker is walking down the street when he notices the elderly gentleman and gives a swift kick to his shopping cart. He then deliver a vicious strike to the side of the 90-year-old's head with a cane. Passersby are briefly stunned by the sudden assault, but one Good Samaritan quickly jumps in to try and break up the fight. He even delivers a punch to the attacker before he manages to run off west on Broadway. Meanwhile, the elderly man is seen clutching the side of his head. Those who live in the neighborhood describe him as 'frail, walks around collecting cans, and doesn't bother anyone', reports ABC 7. Medics rushed the victim to a local hospital, where he was treated for lacerations to the head and ear. According to police, he is in serious but stable condition. The motive for the elderly man’s assault remains under investigation, but appears to be unprovoked, sources said. The suspect is described as between 20 and 30 years old, dark-skinned, and around 5'10" and 150 pounds. He is seen on the video wearing headphones over a blue Yankees baseball cap, a black T-shirt over a gray long-sleeved shirt, pajama bottoms with checker box print and black sneakers.

    3 weeks
  • Robber Pulls Trigger, Misfires Los Angeles, California, United States 01:00

    Robber Pulls Trigger, Misfires Los Angeles, California, United States

    Los Angeles, CA - On May 27, 2017, at 5:10 p.m., a suspect entered a business located in the 900 block of North Forest Avenue. The suspect pointed a gun at an employee and demanded money. The employee was not injured, however the suspect attempted to shoot by pressing the trigger several times and experienced a misfire. The suspect had the employee place money in a bag and then fled on foot.

    4 weeks
  • Horrifying video of boy having arm ripped off by escalator 00:37

    Horrifying video of boy having arm ripped off by escalator

    The King Slayer 1696 -1

    This is the shocking moment a young boy got his arm trapped in an escalator while his horrified mother was watching. The four-year-old boy broke his arm while walking up an escalator that was moving in the opposite direction in Jiangxi Province, southeastern China yesterday. His arm was fixed after several hours of surgery, however he will have to attend regular check-ups at the hospital to ensure his recovery. Jiangxi TV posted surveillance footage from Rainbow Shopping Centre in Jingdong town of Nanchang city on June 1. A four-year-old boy, whose name is unknown, fell on a down escalator on the third floor while his horrified mother was watching. However, his right arm was trapped and he was unable to remove it from the machine. His parents noticed and quickly hit the emergency stop button. However the damage was already done. The four-year-old suffered severe bone fractures in his right arm which by this point had snapped in half. The boy was sent to Nanchang Shuguang Hospital immediately for surgery. His arm was successfully reattached in an operation that lasted several hours. According to Huanqiu, an affiliation to People's Daily Online, the boy will need to be kept under observation to check his blood is circulating well. Rainbow Shopping Centre confirmed the incident in a statement. It said that staff members took emergency measures to save the boy before he was sent to hospital, stated Jiangxi TV.

    4 weeks
  • CCTV of near miss where a truck almost slammed into a school bus 00:20

    CCTV of near miss where a truck almost slammed into a school bus

    The driver of the truck that miraculously avoided plowing into the back of a school bus carrying 20 school girls is being hailed a hero after his quick thinking prevented a catastrophic pile up on Sydney's M5 motorway. Daniel O'Sullivan, who was driving just metres behind the truck, has revealed his initial panic when spotting the bus load of school children suddenly pull in front of the 22 tonne semitrailer that was travelling at 100km/h. 'I expected carnage on the road, I expected a catastrophic event,' he revealed to 9 News. 'I could observe children in the bus, I expected they'd be severely injured if not killed.' The witness also pointed out that it appeared as if the bus driver had no intention to stop the bus following the incident. 'I put my car in front of the bus and slowed him down and a truck driver observed what i was doing and we herded him into the help point area,' he added. Kazem Afkhamisaddoghi has since apologised for the frightening near-miss at around 8am on Thursday morning. CCTV footage released by police shows the bus allegedly pulling out in front of a semi-trailer on the busy motorway at Hammondville during the Thursday morning school run. The truck driver, Daryl Wilson brakes heavily causing his vehicle to jack-knife in order to avoid a collision. The driver told 7NEWS: 'I'm very, very sorry about this. 'I don't know how I can to say it because my English language is not very good and I can't say all the words in my heart.' The 60-year-old also praised the quick-thinking of the truck driver. A student on the bus spoke to Daily Mail Australia about the horrifying near-crash. 'We were going to West Hoxton for an AFL gala day. We were on the M5 to begin with and then the bus pulled off to the side,' she said. 'He was halfway into the furthermost lane and then realised that was the wrong lane to be in so he decided to go back onto the M5.

    4 weeks
  • Thieves on the run after robbing a large sum of cash from pub 01:36

    Thieves on the run after robbing a large sum of cash from pub

    A group of hooded thieves armed with baseball bats and crowbars are on the run after robbing a pub and making away with a 'large amount of cash'. NSW Police have released CCTV footage of three men ransacking what appears to be the pub's office before fleeing the scene with the money. The bar, which was on Moonee Beach Road near North Coast NSW town Coffs Harbour, was held-up around 10.20pm on April 2, 2017. The suspects stormed the premises with a metal baseball bat, crowbar and machete, and injured a staff member on their way out. The footage initially shows just one man searching through a safe for funds, filling up a lime green-coloured bag with his loot. A second man later joins him in the office stealing money from a cash register visible on a nearby desk. They do not appear to be in any kind of hurry as they ransack the space but they do start running as they exit the licensed area. All three men are depicted wearing dark-coloured clothing with their faces covered. Detectives from Coffs-Clarence Local Area Command attended and started an investigation. Police would like to identify the three persons depicted in the footage who they believe may be able to assist them with their enquiries. As inquiries continue, police are appealing for anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1 800 333 000.

    4 weeks
  • Security guard has finger tip chopped off in kebab shop brawl 01:25

    Security guard has finger tip chopped off in kebab shop brawl

    This is the moment that a security guard's finger is chopped off during a vicious brawl in a kebab shop in Bristol. The guard's finger was jammed in the door when it was slammed shut to prevent a man from returning to the premises after he had been evicted following a violent outburst. The fight broke out after Michael Maughan, aged 22, was forcibly removed from the fast food shop Sizzlers, on College Green in Bristol by security guard Thioub Sarr. Maughan appears to bite brutally at Mr Sarr's ear as he is dragged out of the shop. But he tried to force his way back in and lashed out violently again when he was prevented from doing so. He then racially abused Mr Sarr according to witness reports. When Mr Sarr and others forced the door closed to protect themselves from the violent onslaught, the guard's finger got caught and the tip was sliced off. CCTV footage shows a man at the door of the shop forcefully punching Mr Sarr who is still inside and kicking repeatedly into the people in the establishment. The Bristol Post reports that Maughan had pleaded guilty to racially aggravated assault and occasioning bodily harm in November last year. He also admitted to dangerous driving without insurance and failing to provide a specimen of breath. He was jailed him for two years and two months. Maughan was handed a restraining order banning contact from his victim for five years and was disqualified from driving. Judge Mark Horton told the man: 'Frankly, it was a persistent, prolonged, very violent attack which involved kicking and punching in a public place, at night, in the presence of the public who were frightened and concerned.' Maughan told the judge: 'I really am sorry. I get myself mixed up sometimes in this stuff. I'll give him half my benefits a fortnight. I could have killed somebody; I don't want to.' Gregory Gordon, prosecuting, told the court: 'Mr Maughan was boorish. 'There was a minor altercation between him and others and he threw some water over a young lady at the counter. 'There was verbal abuse between the defendant and others and he was told to leave.' The Court heard that Mr Sarr approached Maughan and the pair exchanged blows before Mr Sarr dragged him outside. Maughan tried to punch and kick his way back in to the kebab shop and caught Mr Sarr's left hand ring finger in the door, which it has not been possible to reattach. Mr Gordon told Bristol Crown Court that this took off the tip of the man's finger. The court heard that Maughan was arrested and released on bail, but police found him driving at speeds of up to 80mph on 30mph Fishponds Road at 3am in May. Maughan was arrested in St George's Park and refused to provide a breath sample at the police station. He told police: 'I've not taken my anti-psychotic medication. Jesus tells me you're doing me wrong.' Paul Cook, defending, said: 'The background is a man struggling to cope with life, on medication, and drinking when he should not have been.'

    4 weeks
  • CCTV shows man thrown through the air by car at petrol station 00:44

    CCTV shows man thrown through the air by car at petrol station

    This is the shocking moment a speeding Mercedes driver ploughed into a life model crossing a petrol forecourt but instead of helping the driver brazenly asked, 'Why did you just stand there, bruv?'. Jamie Topliss-Yates, 34, was walking to the kiosk to pay after filling at a BP garage in Hull, Yorkshire, when a car travelling at around 30mph came hurtling towards him. He tried to run but was thrown up into the air. 'I remember the horrible moment of inevitability when I realised no matter how fast I moved, I wasn't going to get out of the way,' Mr Topliss-Yates told Hull Magistrates' Court this week after the driver was arrested and charged with dangerous driving.

    4 weeks
  • Man and woman attacked by vicious dogs in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs 00:43

    Man and woman attacked by vicious dogs in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs

    A woman has been left in a serious condition after three dogs savagely attacked her while running riot through an eastern Sydney suburb. The woman suffered bites to the legs, buttocks and arms during the mauling on Joffre Crescent in Daceyville around 1pm today. Officers from Botany Bay Local Area Command and NSW Ambulance paramedics attended the scene where the woman was treated before being rushed to Prince of Wales Hopsital in a serious condition. Witnesses at the scene revealed others close by heard the woman's screams and came to her assistance and pulled her to safety behind the railings of Daceyville Public School, 9 News reports. A man was treated for minor injuries at the scene after also being set on by the dogs. CCTV footage from a nearby property reveals the terrifying moment the three dogs surrounded the man and leaped at him, who only managed to evade the animals when pulling himself onto the roof of his nearby van. 'If I didn't know how to run and jump up on my car, I'd be gone,' victim Ian revealed. All three of the ferocious pets were eventually captured and were taken to St George Council pound. 'The dogs will be assessed, the nature of the dogs and then once we've determined that we will go ahead with whatever result we decide,' Sam Sliz of Bayside Council told 9 News. 'There is a possibility the dogs will be destroyed.' The inquiries of the police and council rangers into the incident are ongoing.

    4 weeks
  • Armed suspects struggle to escape pawn phop 01:27

    Armed suspects struggle to escape pawn phop

    Two robbers found hitting pawn shop in West Park, Florida to have a greater degree of difficulty than they anticipated. Once the person manning the store locked the doors and returned fire, the two began looking for a way out. That's a problem when one of the criminals stands 6-4 and weighs an estimated 300 pounds. Video Courtesy Broward Sheriff's Office

    4 weeks
  • Woman hit by tram while talking on cell phone 01:29

    Woman hit by tram while talking on cell phone

    Woman hit by tram while talking on cell phone - Samsun, Turkey

    4 weeks
  • SHOCKING VIDEO Shows ARMED ROBBERY At Washington State General Store!! 01:36

    SHOCKING VIDEO Shows ARMED ROBBERY At Washington State General Store!!

    YAKIMA, WA - The Yakima County Sheriff's Office is still looking for suspects involved in an armed robbery Tuesday night. It happened just before 10:00 p.m. at the Ahtanum General Store on the 8300 Block of Ahtanum Road. Deputies say two possibly Hispanic men wearing dark clothing and blue bandanas on their faces came inside holding guns. The suspects demanded the money and told the clerk and a customer inside the store to get on the ground. One suspect took the cash from the register, then allegedly kicked the clerk on his head. The other suspect allegedly kicked the customers foot before running away. The clerk says the suspects may have gotten into a nearby car. Medics treated the clerk and the customer for minor injuries. Deputies say this robbery is very similar to other robberies in Yakima and Union Gap.

    4 weeks
  • Thieves accidentally set cash on fire by using blowtorch on ATM 01:05

    Thieves accidentally set cash on fire by using blowtorch on ATM

    'Genius' thieves accidentally set cash on fire by using blowtorch on ATM at at the Coastal Community Bank in Everett, Washington.

    4 weeks
  • Massive bomb explosion Afghanistan hits German embassy 00:27

    Massive bomb explosion Afghanistan hits German embassy

    The terrifying power of the bomb which ripped through Kabul yesterday morning has been revealed as the city's mayor said it damaged buildings up to two miles away. Images from the site of the blast show it created a hole at least 15ft across and 10ft deep as mayor Abdullah Habibzai said the destruction will cost at least $1.5million to clean up. At least 90 people, mostly civilians, died after a sewage tanker packed with explosives detonated in the heavily-policed diplomatic district on Wednesday morning, leaving another 450 injured. Dramatic footage of the moment the bomb went off has also emerged, showing a huge shockwave sweeping out from the blast, causing heavy damage to everything in its path and sending people scrambling for safety. Witnesses said the blast, which happened during the rush hour, felt 'like an earthquake' - sending a mushroom cloud into the sky and creating a hole 15ft wide and at least 10ft deep. Included in the dead was BBC driver Mohammed Nazir, while four of their journalists were also injured. Another 11 American contractors were also hurt, along with staff from the German, Japanese and Pakistani embassies. Dozens of Afghan families were still searching for their missing relatives on Thursday, while hospital were forced to lay bodies outside the morgue because they had run out of space. Some were so badly damaged in the blast that they are unrecognisable, morgue staff said. No group has so far stepped forward to claim responsibility for the attack, though Afghanistan did cancel a cricket match against neighbouring Pakistan in the wake of the attack. Both countries routinely accuse each other of not doing enough to tackle terrorists on their side of the border. Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain said on Thursday that he condemns the attack, adding that Pakistanis are saddened at the loss of life during Ramadan. He added that the people and the government of Pakistan will continue to support all efforts aimed at ensuring peace in Afghanistan. Afghan Ambassador to Islamabad, Omar Zakhilwal, vowed in a tweet that Wednesday's 'heinous and cowardly crime will fail to break the spirit and morale of our nation.' He added: 'A day of fasting, worship and joy was turned into a bloody day of mourning.'

    4 weeks
  • Thieves caught on camera stealing more than 30,000 CONDOMS 00:25

    Thieves caught on camera stealing more than 30,000 CONDOMS

    Thieves were caught on camera breaking into a Las Vegas condom and sex toy warehouse and sealing more than $40,000 of merchandise over the holiday weekend. Police are investigating the burglaries, and a representative of the Stockholm, Sweden-based LELO Inc. said in a statement Tuesday that thieves were seen on security recordings taking items Friday night and Saturday morning. The warehouse is located in an industrial park not far from McCarran International Airport. The company posted the videos to its website, both of which show what it says were thieves taking two shipping boxes containing more than 30,000 condoms. The first break-in happened on Friday night and the second Saturday morning. In the Saturday morning break-in, security camera footage shows large vehicle backing into the warehouse through a loading dock door. The vehicle, which appeared to be a minivan, had its back window smashed in so the thieves could put the boxes in more quickly. A man then quickly throws two large boxes of merchandise into the vehicle before driving away. Las Vegas police officer Laura Meltzer says detectives are following up on the burglary reports.

    4 weeks
  • CCTV of man alleged to have filmed woman in change room 01:32

    CCTV of man alleged to have filmed woman in change room

    Queensland police have shared vile footage of a man inappropriately filming a woman in a store's fitting room without her knowledge. They believe the blue hoodie-wearing man may have filmed up a woman’s skirt without her knowledge on Monday at Robina shopping centre. The video shows the bearded man stalking around a department store, appearing to look for something or someone, before finding his way over the changing rooms. After taking a few moments to survey the area the man bends down and puts what appears to be a phone underneath a changing room. The moment only lasts for a second before he moves to walk away and place his shopping bag onto the floor. After his bag is stowed under a rack of clothes the man returns and squats closer to the changing room, spending a longer time taking photos or video footage of the woman. A woman, believed to be a staff member at the store, appears to approach and confront the man. He spends a few moments with her before walking away, seemingly noticing the security cameras dotting the perimeter. It is not known who was in the change room or whether the man knew the occupant personally. In the footage the man is identified by his bright blue and yellow Nike hoodie and a black trucker cap that has 'Chillin' emblazoned on it. Police are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed or has been a victim of the inappropriate behaviour to report the matter. If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444.

    4 weeks
  • CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Muslim Stabs Random Man in Paris Supermarket 00:50

    CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Muslim Stabs Random Man in Paris Supermarket

    moku 2536 -1

    On Tuesday evening around 9 pm, as he left a supermarket in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, a pack of beer in his hand, a man was assaulted by a man armed with a very long knife, hidden under his djellaba. The victim had the reflex to protect himself with his forearm while one of his friends took the assailant by the throat, forcing him to retreat several meters.

    4 weeks
  • Moment man runs through shop window in Hertfordshire 00:22

    Moment man runs through shop window in Hertfordshire

    Police have released footage of a man running head first through a shop window leaving a pool of blood. The clip, captured on CCTV in the centre of Hertford, Hertfordshire, on Saturday night shows an unidentified man running across the road. He then crouches down before flying head first into the Monsoon shop window before picking himself up. Staff at the shop turned up the next day to find glass all over the floor and a pool of blood. It is not known whether the man tripped or intended to run through the window. Hertfordshire Police want to find the man to ensure that he is okay after the incident. A member of staff at the Monsoon in Hertford's Market Place told the Mirror: 'We don't know what happened. 'My colleague just turned up Sunday morning and there was a big hole in the shop window. 'There was lots of blood and glass everywhere, forensics have been and taken samples.' Anyone who has any information about the incident should call the Hertfordhsire Police on 101 quoting crime reference number A1/17/1710.

    4 weeks
  • Man pretends to be deformed on a subway to receive hand outs 00:54

    Man pretends to be deformed on a subway to receive hand outs

    A Chinese man who hid one arm in his sleeve and slivered across the floor on his knees has been exposed as a fraud.

    4 weeks
  • Shocking footage shows thugs attacking shop owner with samurai sword 01:03

    Shocking footage shows thugs attacking shop owner with samurai sword

    Masked robbers attacked petrol station workers with a samurai sword during a vicious raid. The pair threatened staff at the Esso station in Heathfield, East Sussex, holding a knife to one employee's throat while viciously beating him over the head with the sword's handle. Dramatic CCTV captured the moment the violent thugs targeted their victims and shows one worker thrown to the floor as they demand cash. Carnage ensued as the yobs pushed display units over and shoving the other shop worker to the ground before dragging him along the floor. The suspects then fled empty-handed in a vehicle that may have been parked in a nearby car park. The victims, both local men, aged 30 and 49, were taken to Eastbourne District General Hospital to be checked over and discharged later the same day. A Sussex Police spokesman said: 'At around 3.10am on Saturday, March 25, two men entered the Esso Service Station in Mayfield Road, one armed with a large knife and the other carrying a Samurai sword. 'The attack lasted approximately two minutes during which time one shop worker was hit over the head and the other was pushed to the ground and dragged along the floor. 'The two suspects then made off empty-handed in a vehicle that may have been parked in a nearby car park. 'The vehicle headed off at high speed towards Heathfield. 'Those responsible are both described as white men, wearing black or dark clothing and had local accents. 'While their faces are not particularly visible in the CCTV footage, police are hoping that someone might recognise them from their build or perhaps the way they move.'

    4 weeks
  • Man reacts against 2 armed robbers and gets shot 00:43

    Man reacts against 2 armed robbers and gets shot

    Man reacts against 2 armed robbers and gets shot - Brazil Bulet in the arm life not in danger Location: Brazil

    4 weeks
  • Idiot backing up on the highway causes multiple car accidents 00:49

    Idiot backing up on the highway causes multiple car accidents

    After missing an exit off the highway, a driver in China decided to reverse his vehicle while in the fast lane of the Shenhai Expressway. The reckless behavior caused multiple collisions, and the driver was fined roughly $30.

    4 weeks
  • Woman caught on camera stealing American flag from McLoud home 00:54

    Woman caught on camera stealing American flag from McLoud home

    A McLoud man has shared surveillance footage of a woman stealing several items, including an American flag, from his home.

    4 weeks
  • Shocking moment a one-year-old toddler is thrown from a vehicle before hitting the ground 00:11

    Shocking moment a one-year-old toddler is thrown from a vehicle before hitting the ground

    This is the nail-biting moment a toddler is thrown out of a car on a busy crossroad in central China's Henan Province. CCTV footage shows a young child falling in the middle of the road after a red car passes by in front of the camera. An on-duty policeman stopped the cars on the road, picked up the child and handed him back to his father. The incident took place in Zhumadian City at around 5pm on May 18. According to a post on Zhumadian police bureau's social media account, a man was driving in a red car with his one-year-old son and his father, who were sitting at the back of the car. The footage captured the moment the baby boy falls to the floor when the car turns left. The father stopped his car as he noticed the right rear door was open. Nie Fei, an on-duty policeman, noticed and blew the whistle to warn other cars not to maneuver. 'It was lucky that the cars stopped coming forward, I couldn't imagine what could have happened otherwise,' said Nie, as quoted in the post. Nie also told Tianzhong Evening Post that he noticed the right rear door of the red car was not closed properly. It opened when the car was turning left, causing the toddler boy to drop to the ground. He believed that the father did not put on a safety belt for his son. It was reported that Nie handed over the children to his father and suggested that he take the toddler for a check-up.

    4 weeks
  • Group of crazy motorbikes and quad bikes caught driving dangerously 01:09

    Group of crazy motorbikes and quad bikes caught driving dangerously

    CCTV footage shows a gang of motorists doing wheelies in between traffic on busy roads in Nottingham city centre.

    4 weeks
  • Moment suicide car bomb goes off causing panic in Kabul 00:15

    Moment suicide car bomb goes off causing panic in Kabul

    At least 80 people -including a BBC driver - are dead and 350 more are injured after a massive bomb concealed in a water tanker ripped through Kabul's diplomatic quarter this morning. Bodies littered the street and a towering plume of smoke could be seen over the Afghan capital after the truck attack blew out the windows in a number of foreign missions and residences nearby. Officials said most of the casualties this morning were civilians and 'many women and children' were among the victims. This morning, it emerged that BBC Afghan driver Mohammed Nazir had been killed in the explosion and that four BBC journalists have been wounded. Their injuries are not thought to be life threatening. A number of employees at the German consulate have also been hurt and an Afghan security guard stationed outside the building was killed in the suicide bomb, which was also close to the British, French and US embassies. The Afghan Taliban this morning denied responsibility for the attack, which comes just days into the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. No group immediately claimed to have carried out the atrocity, but both the Taliban and ISIS have staged large-scale attacks in Kabul in the past.

    4 weeks
  • Wheel problems: Driving instructor reverses into a lamppost 00:21

    Wheel problems: Driving instructor reverses into a lamppost

    Embarrassing moment a driving instructor reverses into a lamppost, shattering the back window of the car, before fleeing the scene in Lancashire.

    4 weeks
  • CCTV Footage Of Yesterday's Spontaneous Sewage Pipe Explosion in Ukraine 00:41

    CCTV Footage Of Yesterday's Spontaneous Sewage Pipe Explosion in Ukraine

    The sh*ttiest video you will see today!

    4 weeks
  • Station owner wrestles with thief after being shot 00:28

    Station owner wrestles with thief after being shot

    Begusarai, Bihar, India - Already shot, petrol station owner (Lakshmi Narayan,32) wrestles with thief, falls over dead.

    4 weeks
  • Brazil Fatal Attempted Robbery For Military Police 01:19

    Brazil Fatal Attempted Robbery For Military Police

    On the morning of last Sunday (28) a sergeant in the booking of the military police were killed during an attempted robbery in the company of public transport via metro located in the district plateau ayrton senna in fortaleza. According to information, five men armed with pistol and rifle caliber 12 participated in the crime. According to the images of the security camera CCTV of the site, the bus driver enters the company and currently a marginal enjoy the occasion, invades the place and make the staff of shield. A military man identified as isidore de Paiva Alves 57 years who was inside the realized the criminal action and started exchanging gunfire with the bandit, but the officer was eventually shot by one shot and died at the scene. After the shooting the criminal flees from the roof and the other bandits who waited outside also undertake escape taking course until then ignored. The Case is under investigation by the officers of the 11th precinct of the homicide bureau and protection to the person (Dhpp) working in an attempt to locate those involved in the crime. The military isidore de paiva leaves 4 daughters.

    4 weeks
  • Lucky Woman Almost Run Over - Is Unharmed (Close Call) 01:00

    Lucky Woman Almost Run Over - Is Unharmed (Close Call)

    A woman almost gets run over by a truck, but she falls just inches away from the wheels. According to reports she had no injuries and walked away unharmed. She clearly should not have tried to walk diagonally across the road like she did. It's very difficult for truck drivers to see unpredictable pedestrians.

    4 weeks
  • Cleaner caught on camera stealing money from pockets and bags 02:41

    Cleaner caught on camera stealing money from pockets and bags

    A cleaner who was caught rifling through a teenager's room for cash has been spared jail. Maria Preston, 44, was filmed searching through the home of her customers and pocketing the money while working as a cleaner known as 'Gloria'. The jury at Chelmsford Crown Court were shown shocking footage of Preston rooting around a teenage girl's underwear drawers to pilfer cash, jewellery and even lipsticks. Two of her victims, John McNeill and Andrea Smith, appeared in court to give evidence and hear the sentence. A CCTV camera was set up by the couple when they grew suspicious when their belongings were 'out of place'. They said they were put in touch with Preston after receiving a recommendation from friends. Speaking in court, the couple said: 'We needed a cleaner as we had our own business, working 12 hour days seven days a week. 'Initially she worked eight hours a week in June and July 2015, which then reduced to four hours once a week. 'Towards the end of 2015 there were a few times we had noticed things were out of place. 'Our teenage daughter would say that she thought she had more money than she had left in her room, little things like not being able to find her lipsticks. 'Then the person who initially recommended her to us, approached us and said he had evidence of Gloria stealing cash from his family home. 'After contacting the police we set up our own CCTV surveillance at home, in various rooms before Gloria’s next visit. 'We couldn’t believe our eyes. We had footage of her searching through all our personal belongings upstairs and downstairs. 'The worst part of all was seeing her stealing money from our daughter’s purse and hand bag, even going through her underwear drawers. 'Any parent would be sickened by this behaviour. 'She was also seen stealing cash from other areas of the house, checking lottery tickets for winning numbers, even reading personal letters. 'After checking through the house, we also realised that an antique gold necklace had been stolen, which was a gift from Andrea’s parents and held sentimental value. 'We trusted Gloria with the keys to our home, she abused our trust and has shown no remorse for her actions.' Preston, of Clacton, Essex, admitted four counts of theft but a hearing was held to establish the facts. She was convicted of stealing cash and jewellery totalling £6,180 from homes in Clacton between 2014 and early 2016. The judge said the witnesses were of good standing, worthy of credit and where their version differed from the defendant’s, he accepted the witnesses’ evidence. He imposed a two year prison sentence, suspended for 12 months.

    4 weeks